5 Situations when you need a Family Law Attorney

From divorce to child support and adoptions to child custody, family law attorneys are the best option when it comes to getting things done. The best family attorneys are trained and have the capacity to legally handle a range of family issues, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that you so desire.

Here are five situations when you need a family law attorney


Divorce is one of the most stressful situations that you can ever find yourself in; it signifies the breaking up of a family, moving from one house to another, starting a new life and so on. When kids are involved, it also means fighting for custody and child support. If you are considering divorcing your ex, or if they already started the process, then it is vital to hire a modern law attorney. Divorce is a complicated process that requires incredible knowledge of state and federal laws.

You may not realize this but during a divorce, both you and your partner feel as though you are worth a lot more, so dividing custody, savings, housing, heirlooms, investments and an endless list of other items can be difficult without the help of a professional.

Child support

Child support is yet another complicated issue that most breaking families have to deal with. It comes with lots of anger, hurt and tension – it’s very rare to come across a separation that doesn’t involve vengeful actions or emotional pain that amounts in bullying and threats. Without an experienced family lawyer, it can impossible for either party to come to an agreement regarding equal child support, especially since the income levels often vary between the separating or divorcing individuals.

A family law attorney will help guide you regarding the best deal to settle for, because once you guys settle for the offer that’s on the table, there’s no going back.

Child visitation and custody

Negotiations for custody and visitation can turn ugly in seconds – remember, it’s possible that you are aggravated and full of anger and bitterness from everything that’s happening. And since the two of you have a deep bond with your kids, and would want to protect them, coming to an amicable solution regarding who gets custody might prove challenging. With an intervention of a family law attorney, it will be easier to establish the best way to meet the children’s needs. If your partner is abusive or unfit to be a single parent, then your attorney will help you to claim custody of your children and even make your partner lose half- or full-time access to them.

Child custody modifications

Child custody modifications provisions involving visitation, child custody, and child support payments vary from one state to the next. And while modifications are allowed, the law to move forward is complex. An attorney can break down these laws for you to help you understand their meaning so that you are not taken advantage of.

Domestic violence

It’s still difficult to talk about domestic violence issues, let alone to take them to court. If you are a victim of domestic violence, you can hire a family law attorney and have them offer a filtering service, where you get to maintain distance and privacy. The attorney can also act as the point of contact between you and your partner.