Attracting, Selling, and the road to Purchasing


Accept people because they are. Permit them to be themselves. Don’t insist upon anybody being perfect. Don’t bargain for acceptance, for example “I’ll love you, should you switch to suit me.”


Search for something to approve in your partner. Not just something small or minor. Let your partner realize that you approve that, and that he will start to change his behavior so that he’ll be accepted for other activities.


Let others realize that you value them. Treat others as though these were valuable for you. Don’t have them waiting. Thank them. Provide them with special, individual treatment. They will reward you with future business. It might be distant future sometimes, but it’s still future business nonetheless. Also, this will likely create and customers’ loyalty toward both you and your business.

The Sales Process

Research. Compare your products or services together with your competitors’. What problem does yours solve?

Park and fly. Establish rapport, recognition, making your company name more known. This may mean to get involved with the local Chamber of Commerce and/or groups and organizations associated with your field.

Discovery. Identify key purchase criteria. Customer clarifies his problem. Find out the solutions and advantages of your products or services which are best.

Feature and benefits. So what can yours do, and just how does each feature benefit your preferred consumer?

Make situation and offer solution. Why must they trust both you and your company, and, obviously, your products?

Cope with objections. Objections are just request to learn more.

Closing. Request the purchase. The toughest part for most people, really.

Follow-up. This is actually the answer to lengthy-term customers and relationships. This is probably the most frequently forgotten step!

The road to Purchasing

A- Identify need.

B- Gather data. What’s available and just what will they do?

C- Clarify need. Certain requirements and why?

D- Identify options that fulfill need. What’s going to fill my need and solve my problem?

E- Develop purchase criteria. Just how much can one spend? When will i need delivery?

F- Identify potential sources. That has things i need where could they be?

G- Contact or visit potential sources. Where with whom can one conduct business?

H- Interview potential salespeople. Could they be credible? Will I trust this individual?

I- Select preferred outlet and sales rep. Again, where with whom can one conduct business?