China and the US as Sustainable Superpower

China’s population and advancements contribute to a large amount of carbon pollution. The country is distinctively considered as a huge consumer thereby producing elements that are harmful to the environment. On the other hand, the US has shown discontinuation with the climate action agreements with Paris.

The two nations have quite opposite views on environmental issues but both are definitely on hold of powerful economies. Different strategies are shown by China and the US with regards to maintaining their economic status and increasing their capabilities. While it may seem as a competition, the Western and Southeast Asian countries face different challenges and provide a different approach to the issues.

One main aspect that is showing great potential to the international market is technology. China started grasping on this opportunity through investments in technology that are more sustainable. As a matter of fact, numerous tech companies from the US have shown interest in branching out to China as a result of its positive performance in the market. Additionally, technology is a wide industry supporting e-commerce, artificial intelligence and agriculture among others. Tapping into this venture provides wider opportunities in being sustainable.

China has provided means on expanding its investments reaching into more environment supported businesses such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, and solar production. Also, China has established their manufacturing plants to be more sustainable by upgrading and supplying energy systems. Private sectors are keen on energy businesses as part of expansion and growth of various companies. Moreover, artificial intelligence calls for other developments such as transportation and food production. Even the Internet shows how energy and resources are ideally used and reused in the different processes required for the different industries.

The market is seen to grow for China while the country is targeting different strategies. Also, China is now considering being sustainable in almost every venture that the country is into. This is a huge step to becoming a sustainable superpower since China has been considered a polluted country and a huge contributor to carbon emissions in the entire world.

Furthermore, it greatly affects different nations like the US who is more competitive in the market with technology. Other countries are yet to develop systematic ways that give less impact to the environment. These are an essential factor that is considered nowadays since climate change has been more evident. The negative impacts are seen through pollution and health of the people which drives more ways to reduce such side effects.

Climate change was an issue in the 1940s but it didn’t demand such attention that is needed now. The economy was more important during that time and China was struggling to keep the country at peace and working right after the Nanjing Massacre. The violence and aftermath during the Sino-Japanese War needed a lot of effort for China’s economy and people to overcome. Since then, it took decades to rebuild their status which is now coveted by developing countries. While China still considers its own as a developing country, it is an economic superpower.

The US who has all along been the most powerful has found its biggest competitor and is being challenged to come up with ways that are more timely and sufficient. The decision of the US to withdraw from the Paris agreement conspires to a different direction than all other nations are looking into. Consequently, more countries are supportive of campaigns towards better actions that impact the environment. China is on its way to becoming a sustainable superpower and has extended its goal to all industries related. This not only creates environmental impact but also opens opportunities for economic, market and business growth for the country and people.