Galaxy S9 features are unimaginable

If on the Samsung Galaxy S8 + the external design is a key, let’s not say the Dual Edge Super AMOLED display or rather its qualities and behavior when displaying information. The S7 gained space in the front and the edge, but not in a way as obvious as the S8, which as we see takes everything much to the extreme. According to the firm has gained up to 18% in surface compared to the previous model with the detail of having now rounded corners. It is a 6.2-inch panel with a color density of 529 PPI, QHD + resolution (2960 x 1440 pixels) and an aspect ratio of 18.5: 9 (you can adjust full-screen videos in 16: 9 format). After few months from the Galaxy S8 launch, the discussions for next Samsung flagship has started out. The Galaxy S9 is rumored to be come out next year with an edge-to-edge display having 5.8” AMOLED 4K screen hooded with Corning Gorilla Glass 5.


There is no use of a super mobile if the processor, in this case, the Exynos 8995 eight-core, the RAM 4 GB in this case and the GPU or graphics processor (Mali-G71 MP20) do not do their job well, because here sometimes we believe that there is much to be done. The Exynos is a beast, first of its kind of 10 nanometers of which the firm claims consumes a 20% less battery. Something light as the Samsung Galaxy S8 + has 3,500 mAh, compared to the 3,600 mAh of the S7 Edge with 18% more surface. The firm also assures that it yields 10% more and that its graphical power rises 21%. As always, nothing is better than different performance tests to see what is capable. In practice, few buts can be put. I really can “with everything”. Galaxy S9 is like a typhoon of performance. Its latest high-powered Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC and Exynos 810 processor are just out of the world. The Exynos processor can be mostly found in the Korea and few Asian countries.

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Since Samsung launched the Galaxy S6, the camera not only of that model but the S7 and now the S8 has been recognized by the international press as the best of the specialty. It is anticipated that the forthcoming Galaxy S9 will be blessed with a 16MP+16MP front camera and 31MP Dual-lens primary camera. The S9 picture quality will definitely put a smile on your face being realistic, having lovely wide-range color and hues, and great contrast and sharpness.

Until that moment no mobile had rivaled or surpassed the iPhone in key questions as it is the interpretation of the scene, speed of shooting, luminosity or realization of the video. It is not a question to open the box of thunder between the two models because we can find thousands of opinions on both sides, but if it is true that we are facing one of the best cameras of the moment. Hope, the features of Samsung Galaxy S9 could be so good that it could be able to successfully compete with iPhone 8. The price of Galaxy S9 is expected to be around 1091.767 USD.