HGH – A look at the factors

A child may not develop normally if there is a deficiency in the levels of growth hormones in his or her body. A child who does not have a normal body height or is of short stature may be suffering from HGH deficiency. The deficiency can also lead to delayed puberty.  At such times, depending on the severity of the condition, the doctor may prescribe HGH supplements.

Since it is a hormone, there can be various side effects but they depend on the age of the person, the dose taken, the period for which the supplements are taken and also the reasons for taking the growth hormone supplements.

HGH is available in a wide range of products in many forms like drops, injections and more. It helps in promoting the growth of the body and also helps in developing the cells in the body. It also helps in muscle development as well as the bone.

Bodybuilders in general use this for their growth and development of their bodybuilding regime supplement programme. As this provides a great healer of infections and also boosts the immune system. It also provides protection to the gastrointestinal system.

Like all supplements bovine growth hormone may pose dangers in the form of side effects hence it is advisable that a medical health care professional is consulted. The kind of allergies, as many are lactose intolerant, other medical conditions of the heart and kidney, chronic conditions such as genetic disorders, and diseases such as cancer, AIDS patients have to seek the advice before consuming bovine growth hormone.

The growth hormones though naturally present in our body and we can generate it too through a change in life style and habits of diet etc. But it may seem slow and quick results are seen through the use of bovine growth hormone.

It is a supplement that is stacked with a number for of other supplements taken by the body builders, but combining this with others should first be consulted and how it reacts to each individual is different.

The factors that make you eligible to take HGH are

  • You aren’t a heart patient
  • Don’t have a chronic disease
  • You are already taking medication for mental condition
  • You are not allergic to certain medication
  • The amount of HGH production in your body
  • The tolerance level
  • Proper diet, sleep and exercise regimen
  • Regular check ups with doctor
  • Hire a good trainer for optimum results
  • Get the best in the supplements
  • Stack and dosage chart should be maintained
  • The tapering of the dosage, PCT after the cycles of anabolic steroids is a must.

All the above will ensure you in good stead.


If you are taking a slew of medications for varying health conditions, HGH could prove to be the panacea. Make sure to read up a lot before starting the regimen – how it can help, what the benefits, risks and side-effects could be. The next step is to get tested to find out about your current hormone levels.  Let your doctor recommend the need for starting on HGH.