How to Seek Compensation if the Defendant Driver is Uninsured or Underinsured

In a majority of cases, when you encounter an accident, the other party may not be having car insurance at all or they would be underinsured. It implies that the defendant driver may not have adequate insurance coverage to pay for the damages caused by him to your vehicle and person. It would be pertinent to mention here that numerous motorists have been uninsured to reduce the monthly premium. They would intentionally drop their policy limits to reduce the premium. It would affect the injured plaintiff who has suffered injuries by the underinsured or for that matter uninsured negligent drivers.

As a result, you would have all the more reasons to hire the services of atlanta car accident attorney. When you file a compensation claim against the negligent party, you would be getting money from the insurance company of the negligent party. However, in the event of the defendant driver having no insurance or he has been under-insured, you would be having significant trouble getting the money from the negligent driver. The attorney would help you attack the assets of the defendant driver for getting you the deserved compensation amount. However, if the defendant driver does not have any personal asset to pay from, the attorney would guide you with various other methods to get the total compensation amount.

The attorney would help you involve multiple defendants to get a compensation claim. As a result, of any one of them has adequate money to pay you the deserved compensation for damages incurred, you could ask for compensation to be given by that defendant. However, the defendant should be legitimate for paying you the compensation amount. You could secure the compensation amount from the additional parties.

For adding a legitimate defendant, you would need the expertise and experience of a professional car accident attorney.