How to Wear Pearl Jewellery to Work?

Working people’s apparel should reveal the importance of their work. One should be comfortable in the apparel they choose.

You can be carefree while wearing pearls to workplace. You can check here, to wear right kind of pearl jewellery to office.

Simple advice

  • Do not wear matching jewellery to work like for example matching earrings with finger rings as it looks awkward. Workplace jewellery should be light and must look sober.
  • Always use your make-up, perfume and clothes before wearing pearl jewellery. Do not wear pearls to hospitals or dental clinics.
  • Office goers should choose simple, sober designs. Wear only one pair accessory at a time. As your clients should focus on their work, not on your jewellery.

Different Kinds of Pearl jewellery for business place

  • Pearl earrings for office

Go for the button shaped pearl earrings or choose according to your outfit a lightweight design for a full day at office. Also, it looks elegant when worn with casual dress-up or formal outfit. Pearls are never out of fashion.

  • Simple and graceful pearl necklace

Add elegant pearl jewellery to your jewellery collection. It gives a fresh and new look to your appearance, but make sure it is above your bust line. Small pearl necklace will be most suited for your formal work at office.

  • Pearl pendants are suitable with business attire

Pearl pendants are sophisticated than necklace. They are made for females and they are exclusive among variety of precious stones. New edition is a freshwater Pomona White pearl just made for you. It is very delicately assembled. It will go with a white collared office going shirt and greyish pants or even suits turtle neck blouse. You will also look splendid if you wear it with silky shiny shirt or deep neck front blouse made of soft cloth.

  • Pearl bracelet

Wear a long series of bracelets around your wrist but make sure not get disturbed by them.


Pearls jewellery is for everyone. A person can choose its design according to the nature of work they adopt. Pearls are forever and never get out-dated.