Methandrostenolone – All You Need To Know About This Steroid

The usage of steroids for bodybuilding is a very common thing these days. The researchers have developed many such steroids to help the competitive bodybuilders. Methandrostenolone was originally developed in Germany and then it has become famous all over the world. The medicinal companies are manufacturing such steroids legally.

Initially, the Methandrostenolone was used as a tonic for women to boost their health. Later, it was declared to be dangerous for health and was made illegal by many countries. The buying, selling, and consuming Methandrostenolone was illegal lately till 2001. Currently, Methandrostenolone steroid is made legal by many countries and it has become very popular because of its effectiveness.

Benefits of Methandrostenolone

  • Methandrostenolone catalyzes the development of muscle strength; therefore this steroid is used by athletes and bodybuilders.
  • The people, who want to quickly boost up their muscular and toned body, are suggested to use this steroid.
  • The Methandrostenolone is considered a good option because it decreases fatigue during workouts.
  • The steroid also improves the sleep patterns of the person who consumes it and thus makes the person feel healthy.
  • The Methandrostenolone improves the strength of the bones by increasing the calcium deposits on the bones.
  • This is a fast acting steroid than others, so the people who want to see the changes in the body feel happy about themselves.
  • This steroid can be consumed by both men and women athletes.

Recommended dosage of Methandrostenolone

  • The steroid tablets available are of 10mg. It can be taken as a daily dose.
  • The men athletes consume the steroids in a higher dosage may be of 20-50 mg.
  • The women athletes are suggested to consume this steroid in a lesser dosage. Women athletes may consume a 10-20 mg tablet every day.
  • The Methandrostenolone should be used along with other steroids like Nolvadex and Clomid. These tablets will help in balancing your level of testosterone.

Side Effects of Methandrostenolone

  • The increased level of estrogens in the body is one of the side effects.
  • The steroid might cause water retention in the body which may result in decreased muscle definition.
  • The other side effects may include causing baldness, enlarged breast size, acne, variation in blood pressure.

Though there are side effects of the steroid but the side effects are not so very commonly seen in the people consuming the steroid including these severe dangers. In short, Methandrostenolone is a safe steroid to consume if you are an athlete or a bodybuilder.