Safety First: The Safety Benefits of Truncated Domes

The next time you walk up to a cross walk near a busy intersection, look down. See those little yellow bumps? Those aren’t there for no reason!

They’re called truncated domes or ADA warning tiles. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) was enacted to assist those with disabilities, and within the ADA guidelines, truncated domes installation is mandatory in areas where there are hazardous surroundings. For example, they must be located before busy intersections and other vehicle ways, before water features like fountains or reflecting pools, and before loading dock areas and train tracks.

What Are the Benefits of Truncated Domes in These Situations?

For the most part, the small bumps or truncated domes help those who are blind or visually impaired to know when a possibly hazardous area is coming up. These individuals can feel the bumps with their feet or be alerted to them by use of their support cane. Then, they know to slow down or stop.

Of course, truncated domes installation may also help those who are not visually impaired as well. Many pedestrians these days aren’t paying attention to their surroundings or where they’re going as they stare down at their smart phones. But as soon as they feel those small bumps on the pavement, they are alerted that something’s coming up.

The Truncated Dome Installation Process

The Americans with Disabilities Act and many city and state laws require truncated dome installation. These safety devices are always a good idea to have anywhere where pedestrians will be walking and where possibly risky or hazardous areas are located, such as roads, water ways, or railroad tracks.

ADA Solutions, Inc. offers the best truncated domes in the industry. Our ADA warning tiles are well-made, affordable, and can fit anywhere. These tiles will stand the test of time and will rarely need maintenance or repairs.

In 2006, ADA Solutions, Inc. introduced a game-changing replaceable ADA warning tile system to the market: Cast-in-Place Replaceable panels. These are pre-assembled so that they’re ready to go when they’re delivered. The thickness of the panels is 10% greater than any other market alternative, and the weight is 12% heavier than other tile models. Using these tiles for your warning areas will ensure easy installation and a far superior durability.

Want More Information About Truncated Domes Installation?

If you are interested in learning more about our Cast-in-Place Replaceable ADA warning tiles or for more information about requirements for truncated domes installation, simply contact ADA Solutions, Inc.

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