The Effects of the Bayer Primobolan Tablets


Primobolan is an oral steroid which is marketed by various companies in the world. It has been used in the development of the muscles of the body. Many people prefer the use of oral tablets like the ones marketed by the Bayer- Schering pharmaceutical company in Germany while others might use the injectable steroid also known as the depot form. It is important tounderstand the different effects of the drug before use and how it can impact the body to monitor the use of it carefully. Knowing the different effects will provide the user with theknowledge that would allow them to take care of any side effects that occur due to its use and deal with it accordingly.


The oral form of the Primobolan contains methenolone the primary compound with an additional acetate side chain.  It is due to this reason that it could be used in the body orally. The depot version of the drug contains a longer enanthate side chain that is added to it that causes slow release into the body. The methenolonewas initially marketed in 1962 by the Squibb Company under the brand name Nibal in both oral and injectable form which was later discontinued. In 1960 after the rightswere purchased by the German pharmaceutical giant Schering this steroid was reintroduced under the name of Primobolan which has been present in the market since then. The many effects of the use of the steroid make it popular for medical purposes like the treatment of wasting diseases and osteoporosis and is used mainlyin the oral form of this drug.

Modifications of the anabolic

Primobolan like most steroids has a structural similarity to the varicocele natural treatment in the body Dihydrotestosterone. It contains a few modifications in the structure that gives the drug the increased potency. The popularityis due to the presence of a double bond in the carbon one and two position which increases the anabolic activity. It also contains 1- methyl group along with an addition of an acetate sidechain that prevents the degradation of the steroid in the liver. It is due to this reason that many people see theeffect of the steroid as it is more resistant to degradation. Another fact is that Primobolan is not a member of the 17alpha alkylation family making it less toxic to the liver. The absence also makes it less anabolic that indicates that the use of the steroid does not lead to rapid gains in the body.

Results to expect from the drug use

The mild androgenic and anabolic effect of the steroid scoring a 90in the anabolic scale and 60 in the androgenic scale against testosterone that scores 100 in both. It is due to this reason that people do not see side effects of use like water retention or gynecomastia. The many positive impacts include anincrease of the testosterone hormone that is present in the body along with an increase in the amount of the red blood cells.   Many people prefer the oral form of this drug as it increases the body strength which is directly related to an increase in the stamina. The product marketed by Bayer has tablets in the form of 25 or 50 mg which can be used according to a user’s convenience. Careful use must be done to prevent the use of counterfeit products in the market.