5 ways to tell if it’s time to replace your water heater tank

Many home appliances — like hot water tanks — are often taken for granted by homeowners, but they can sure be a pain when they don’t work. But what if you could tell when you were going to need a hot water tank replacement burnaby before it’s even necessary? Hot water tanks give some hints when they’re about to fail you. Here are five ways you can tell if it’s time to get a new tank:

1. Your water just doesn’t get as warm as it used to

If you find yourself getting frustrated because your hot showers aren’t quite hot anymore, it could be because your hot water tank is at the end of its line. Of course, check the pilot light and circuit breaker first. But if those are OK and you’re still not getting warm water, it’s time to think about hot water tank replacement burnaby.

2. Water is leaking from the tank

When your toes get wet and you’re not on the beach, there’s a problem. As hot water tanks age, the inner tank can deteriorate to the point of leaking. So even if there are just a few drips of water, you’re probably already at the point when you need to consider replacement. Remember: Drips will soon become a puddle.

3. It’s a teenager

Age is a factor when deciding whether to repair or replace your hot water tank. Take into account that repairs will add up over time, and the older your tank gets the more financially responsible it becomes to invest in a long-term fix.

4. Your water isn’t clean

It’s hard to enjoy a shower when your water is discolored and smelly. But built up rust and minerals can give you just that. Hot water tank replacement burnaby can keep you from feeling more dirty after your shower than before.

5. It’s making noise

Booms, pops, cracks, hissing… basically any noise that comes from your hot water tank is a warning sign. Mineral build-up and other factors can lead to noises coming from the tank, and you can face a tough decision to repair or replace the appliance.

None of these five signs of your hot water tank failing are too much for Speedy Plumbing, a family owned and operated business in the Vancouver, BC, area. Speedy Plumbing employees have a combined 30-plus year of experience with home appliances like hot water heaters, so you can trust their professional opinions and suggestions when it comes time to make a decision about yours. If you have noticed one of these or other symptoms of a breakdown, give Speedy Plumbing a call — the sooner, the better.