A Few Specifics About Envelope Printing That Will Prove Useful for a Business

Your organization wants to publish its own envelopes.  Fair enough.  You may either get in touch with a printing service provider who provides envelope printing services or you could do it in house.  Whichever you choose you will need to take care of a few specifics of envelope printing with regards to graphic design, envelope orientation, and several other aspects.

Envelopes are a must for business functions, large or small.  From the objective of sending invoices and billing statements to sending a thank you note or an official letter, envelopes have a large variety of applications.  It is necessary that your envelope fit other printed collateral.  Whether you use them as an extension of your brand or are attempting to catch the attention that your audience using a direct mail piece, full colour envelopes can allow you to achieve the desired result.

The Printer Margins Are Extremely Important

Now here’s an important tip.  There are quite a few printers that can’t print on the locations that are very near the edge of the paper sheet or in this case the brand sheet.  Now, whether you are doing in-house leaflet printing or have the printing done by an external source, you want to keep this specific in mind.  An individual can solve this issue by moving the cube containing the address just a little bit further away from the edge.  You do not want your address to get cut do you?  The envelope design has to be such that it leaves a sufficient margin and the printing is completed within the margin.

The Clear Window

Now, there’s a feature in Cabinet printing that’s called “clear window.”  The envelopes that are a product of this manner of printing are also called “window envelopes.”  In these types of envelopes a space is left for the address or some other part of the envelope that you would like to customize.

Graphic Specifics

If it comes to the graphic design of an envelope one does not actually have the scope to do a great deal.  However, the printing can be achieved in four-color processes and this should be taken into consideration when designing an envelope.  The envelope design could be foil-stamped or could also be foil-embossed if you want to fit it with your static or a specific marketing theme that you have embraced.  Envelope printing offers you many more choices when it comes to the types of envelopes to be printed.  Print Runner will make available to you these choices and you may take your pick in accordance with your needs and requirements.  

Size and Thickness

It may be envisioned that these days envelope printing also provides a choice with regards to the dimensions and thickness of the envelope.  At this time, you might want to have an envelope for a variety of purposes and it’s those functions that dictate the thickness and size of the envelope.  An envelope is a covering that enhances the significance of your email.  This email could be in the kind of brochures, sales letters, or some other type of invitation and correspondence.  The size of the envelope and thickness will provide the receiver of the envelope the thought about the kind of significance that you have put on that specific mail.