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Annual Home Maintenance Tips for Longevity

If you are looking for ways of ensuring that your home looks as good new, or if you want to protect the value of your home, then you have to be ready to work for your house. While there are numerous things you can do on a daily or weekly basis to protect your home, others require your attention annually.

To protect your home, we have highlighted a list of things you should do annually to give your home some tender care and love. If you are busy working for a qualified small business corporation, you can seek the help of professionals.

  • Trim trees

If you are going to renovate your home, ensure that the outdoor spaces are well cared for. With the landscaping of your home saying a lot about your home’s value, and how well you take care of your home, trees, scrubs, and grasses should be in perfect shape.

Also, besides looking untidy, having trees that grow over your home is a fire hazard. To trim the trees, find professionals to cut down the limbs of the trees, at least 6 feet from the ground, and away from dwellings and sheds.

  • Extermination of insects

To get rid of the annoying termites, mites and water bugs, get an exterminator in your home annually.

Extermination by professionals will prevent infestation and, you will also get a free inspection of your home.

Since termites and mice can cause massive property damage if they aren’t eradicated in time, and they also carry diseases, you should call in an exterminator at least once in a year.

home maintenance

  • Keep the windows clean

If you are ever busy and you don’t have anyone to help with weekly or monthly general cleaning, make sure you clean your home annually. Even if you used water and vinegar monthly, you might want to scrub the windows inside out. Annual cleaning of windows works best in cleaning the upstairs and attic windows. Like trimming trees, you have to outsource window cleaning to professionals. You want a professional who uses high-pressure jets to get all the dirt out.

  • Thoroughly clean your stones

The natural stones in your kitchen are beautiful but, they could lose their luster to water stains, drabness or scratches. They could also harbor disease-causing germs.

If you are considering putting your house on sale at any point in your life, then you should protect the stoned tabletops and counters.

Find professionals in marble maintenance to clean and seal your granite, terrazzo, travertine, limestone or concrete, for it to look as good as new.

  • Clean out the chimney

Besides getting the chimneys clean for Santa’s entrance, and for cozy winter evening fires, you should get the chimneys inspected and cleaned out annually to ensure that the chimney doesn’t have cracks or deposits.

  • Steam clean the carpets

The amount of dust that accumulates in carpets is enough to get you sick. It is worse if you have pets and kids as they will bring in dust and sand from outdoors. In short, your carpets will spell a sanitation disaster, besides making it age faster,

Other annual maintenance steps include:

  • Cleaning out gutters
  • Inspecting the roofs
  • Check the fire extinguishers, fire and smoke alarms
  • Empty the drawers and closets