Duromine Can Help You Escape Obesity and Physical Uneasiness

Obesity and overweight is the common problem of the day. Every second youngster is suffering from this problem in New Zealand. This is the reason fat reducing medications like Duromine are being developed. Everyone keeps on maintaining a very bad diet, based on fast foods and other unhealthy products and they don’t get enough exercise to burn the calories, so the body fat keeps on increasing and they end up being obese. If you are one of these people, who gathered fat very quickly and now are just unable to get rid of it? Once you read the details you will be able to know how the supplement can help in the process of effective fat reduction.

Essential Features of Duromine

In case one is searching for the weight loss supplement they can well end their search at Duromine. For this you can have maximum dose of 40 mg. Currently it is only available in New Zealand, and that too if you have a valid prescription for it. iNova is the exclusive distributor and manufacturer of this product in said country. It is manufactured in 30mg (grey and reddish brown), 15mg (grey and green) doses. In Australia they sell an exclusive capsule of 40mg. Duromine is not subsidised in New Zealand. Phentermine is the active ingredient present in Duromine. Duromine is made with the best ingredients and you would prefer the functional aspect of the solution.

Talking about the Duromine Dosage

In this case, you have the simplest way of considering the dosage of Duromine. Adolescents of age 12 and older can take a 15mg capsule per day; adult dosage is 30mg per day. Elders should avoid this drug. The highest dosage prescribed is 40mg per day and that is done only under very special circumstances. Duramine is a derivative of Phentermine and so over usage of this drug can lead to drastic side effects. It should be used along with a good diet and exercise. Using this drug without exercise is quite futile so be prepared to do some cardio at least, everyday. People suffering from kidney disease, thyroid problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes or if you are allergic to aspirin or yellow food dye, you should stay away from this. However, before you get ready to have a consumption of Duromine you should consult details with the physician.

Duromine Side Effects

When you are using Duromine you may suffer from occasional side effects. There can be conditions of headaches, insomnia, upset stomach, impotence, tremors, dry mouth, either an increased or a decreased interest in sex and occasional dizziness. Most of these side effects occur in the first few weeks and subside after some time. However, it will take you time to get adapted to the nature and contents of Duromine.

Duromine Reviews

It is best to have Duromine at a maximum dose of 40. Many Duromine reviews can be found online but still Duromine is not subsidised in New Zealand for some strange reason. It is the best drug to be used with the perfect intent.