Hazards of ‘Do It Yourself’ Pest Control

If you have a pest problem in your home, you may contemplating going about fighting off the menace alone in a bid to save some money and, well, keep your embarrassing issues private. But, how safe is DYI to your lovely children, your allergic partner, your pets, and the environment both in the long run and the short run?

There are lots of risks associated with going about pest control single-handedly that can be avoided by seeking the services of Phoenixville pest control experts. Let’s take a look at some of the little-known dangers of do-it-yourself pest control:

Health risks

While working to rid your home of destructive and annoying pests, it would be wise to avoid compromising your health and that of your family. That would be equivalent to trading a small problem for a bigger one.

Note that most pest control products are not labeled or explained properly and emergencies may be difficult to handle due to lack of comprehensive information in the blurb. Sometimes, the problem is in reading and understanding the instructions especially when certain situations call for special safety measures.

Professional exterminators have these special instructions in their fingertips and hardly need the blurb to figure out what to do with certain chemicals and in certain circumstances. What’s more, they have the protective gear and know how to minimize impact on your family, pets, and individuals with allergies. Improper handling of chemicals can cause burns, rashes, lung irritations, skin irritations, and even death.

Environmental risks

Incorrect use of DYI pest control products can result in a myriad of environmental hazards. Pesticides used too close to a water supply system can easily leak into and contaminate your drinking water. Chemicals that have not been diluted properly may leak into the soil and inhibit normal growth of certain plants in that area. Also, animals may come in contact with those highly concentrated chemicals and get exposed to illnesses.

Most environmental effects of pesticides and other pest control chemicals are long term and may affect generations of animals and plants several years down the line. With the guidance of a professional exterminator, you can get rid of these pests without inadvertently creating another, potentially worse, crisis.

Financial risk

Do-it-yourself pest control can easily end up costing you more than hiring an exterminator would. For one, you could mistake the pest giving you sleepless nights for another and end up purchasing the wrong product. If that’s the case, you will probably go back to the store for another ‘more potent’ chemical before eventually realizing you have been spending on a non-existent problem.

Add that to the health and environmental hazards associated with improper use of the chemical and you have a whole list of risks to brace up for. What’s more, incorrect application may necessitate multiple applications, which may cost money. There is usually no guaranteed outcome with DYI pest control measures and you can never be sure that you are equipped with all that is needed to eradicate the target pest.