How is FASTag Beneficial? Let’s See!!

Every person, who is driving a vehicle is very well aware of the fact that he/she is required to pay the toll tax to the government, if he/she is moving from one state to another. FASTag is a simple, reusable as well as reloadable tag that enables automatic deduction of toll charges and makes them able to enter toll plaza without making the cash transaction. This tag makes use of radio-frequency identification technology. It is affixed on the windscreen of a vehicle after the account is active.

FASTag is considered as an excellent solution for a stress free trip on national highways. FASTag is currently operating in 407 toll plazas across the state as well as national highways. In the future, more FASTag programs are supposed to be introduced. FASTag is available in the form of a card that has a validity of 5 years. One has to get it from a bank. This card can be recharged again by making use of different modes of payments.

 FASTag has proven very beneficial for the drivers as well as tourists. Some of its benefits are listed below:

  • No need to carry cash: One does not require to carry cash for making the payment of a toll, as it can be done at the home only with the use of cashless process. In other words, one can make the payment for his/her toll plaza online y making use of his/her e-wallet, Paytm account, debit card, credit card, cheque, NEFT, etc.
  • SMS alerts for transactions: One can also pay the transaction money directly from his/her bank account. The payers will get the details on their mobile phone with the help of a SMS.
  • Saves time and fuel: As said that it is a tag on the windscreen of the vehicle, so as and when it is seen, the toll amount is automatically deducted. The driver is not required to stop the vehicle at the toll Plaza for the cash transaction.
  • Web portal for customers: It has its own portal of which one can make use of, so as to access their statements by logging in to the fastest customer portal.
  • Online recharge: This card can be recharged again online by logging into the bank and entering the password, making the payment using available options.

In case, the card has been stolen, the persons can get it blocked by following the given series of steps:

  1. Login to the web portal of FASTag with user ID, wallet ID and password
  2. Select the option of service request-> generate service request
  3. Select request type as closure request to close the RIFD tag or wallet.
  4. Also, one can block the card by calling the customer care number anytime they want.

Sometimes, there is a dispute that used to take place, so the persons can directly contact by making a call or follow some series of steps, so as to get it resolved. The FASTag is beneficial, as it also offers its users with a cashback of 7.5%.