The National Museum: Indonesia’s Cultural Background in One Place

Located at Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat 12 Central Jakarta, the National Museum is the pride of Jakarta. The museum is providing visitors an insight into Indonesia’s long history in cultural heritage in prehistoric times up to now today. The museum houses an impressive group of no less than 109,342 objects covering Indonesia’s Prehistory, Archaeology, Ethnography, Numismatics-Heraldic, Geography, and Ancient Relics.

Here, the paintings and gems are discovered throughout the archipelago starting from the first century AD. An entire group of batik cloths and woven fabrics generated through the years in different islands. While on the upper floor one finds exhibited the collection of silver and gold jewelry and ornaments that once owned by the kings and sultans from archipelago.

Museum came popularly to be called Gedung Gajah (The House of Elephant) or Gedung Arca (The House of Statues). It was called Gedung Gajah following the bronze elephant statue in the front yard, which was a contribution from King Chulalongkorn of Thailand in 1871. It was also known as Gedung Arca. On account of the massive range of statues from other periods on screen here. Back in 1979, the museum has been officially called the Museum Nasional or the National Museum. The museum is not only a center for research and study into the national and cultural heritage, but it also serves as an educative, cultural, and recreational information center.


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