The spiritual guru will lead you ahead in life

Spiritually is a concept that one cannot define in words, it is something that one can feel. In general, if we need to explain what spiritually is, then we can state that spirituality is a feeling of oneness with your own soul or the one who created us. The main essence of spirituality is the search for meaning in life. Every human is curious about what they experience and feel. There are people who state that it is a sacred connection with the creator and some state that it is the knowledge of one’s own existence.

To achieve spiritual peace one often takes the help of a spiritual guide. A spiritual guide is someone who teaches, mentors, instructs, and guides an individual in the process of attaining understanding, knowledge, and skills of spiritual oneness. A spiritual guide plays an important in everyone’s life; he or she is one who helps an individual recognize the true principles of life and his or her being. A person can be well versed with spirituality but he or she is lost without the guidance of the spiritual mentor. Reasons to find a spiritual teacher as explained by Prophet TB Joshua are as follows:


Every individual has lived a life of hardship in one way or the other, none of the people can claim that they know everything about any subject because a human mind has its own limitation. People who are on the path of attaining spiritual oneness may know things about God, spirits, and sanctity of life but they may feel lost in the world of distractions; the spiritual guide acts as the mentor who guides them through the rough paths of tests and salvation.


A spiritual teacher is an individual who has earned the title of a spiritual guru through hard work and patience, he or she has seen people suffer due to various reasons, says Prophet TB Joshua. When an individual loses his or her way through life then the spiritual guru helps them see straight and come to a decision.

To achieve peace

The world is run by selfish motives; one cannot claim to be a kind hearted person because a man is made of good and bad equally. When you live in a world with billions of people breathing the same air, living in the same evil world then you tend to get hurt. People who claim to know you best hurt you the most. When you are hurt, your lose the peace of mind, and the companionship of a spiritual guide helps you find that lost peace of mind because he hears your plights without judging you.

To find directions

The spiritual guide is an experienced and skilled individual who knows how to deal with human psychology. When an individual seems to feel that he or she has no further direction in life then he or she needs a guide who can show a path to the right direction. The spiritual guru helps them feel satisfied with what they have; they make them look deeper into their needs and wants.