The Top Swimming Pool Cleaning Supplies You Need

If you want to keep your pool looking great in the on and off season, you need the right swimming pool cleaning supplies. Here are the most important supplies that every pool can use.


Skimmers keep your pool looking great by helping you grab leaves, dead insects and other debris before they sink to the bottom of the pool or get caught in your intake system. If you skim every day for a few minutes, you will save yourself a great deal of time when you take on a deeper clean.


Your pool brush is an essential component of keeping your pool clean on a day to day basis. A simple brushing every so often can give you a great looking pool and keep you from having expensive problems that come with a lack of maintenance.

Vacuums and Hoses

Vacuums help you clean your pool of debris from top to bottom. Most pool vacuums suck up debris and usher them into a bag that you can dump out at your leisure. There are even vacuums and hoses that run automatically – you do not even have to be there during the cleaning process.

Cleaning Accessories

Various accessories such as corner brushes, leaf traps and telepoles can help your main cleaning supplies work more efficiently. You may need a special tool if you have an oddly shaped pool or if you use it more than the average person. There are also many cleaning accessories that are used specifically for luxury pools. You may be able to buy these in batches as well.

Keep the swimming pool cleaning supplies above on hand, and you will have the cleanest pool in the neighborhood. You will also save money on more expensive repairs that come from a lack of maintenance!